Ipas Project

Ipas-BAPSA Project

 Abortion is only legal in Bangladesh to save a woman’s life. Yet a procedure the government terms "menstrual regulation"—which involves vacuum aspiration to bring on menstruation and thereby establish non-pregnancy—is legal in the first trimester. Despite this legal service, unsafe abortion does occur, particularly in rural parts of the country where many women are married before the legal minimum age of 18 years and lack sufficient information on reproductive health and how to access services. For this reason, Ipas established a program in Bangladesh in 2011 to support efforts to reduce maternal mortality from unintended pregnancy. Bangladesh has made significant progress in increasing the contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) and decreasing the total fertility rate (TFP). The unmet need for family planning (FP) remains high, especially in the divisions of Chittagong, Sylhet and Barisal. Long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC), Intrauterine devices (IUD) and Implants.  BAPSA is an implementing partner of Ipas Bangladesh for strengthening and capacity building of service providers, Doctors, Nurses and Family welfare Visitors (FWVs) through training on comprehensive Family Planning, Postpartum IUD, Implants and MR –PAC services.  BAPSA, as technical partner with expertise in capacity building on family planning, MR and PAC training. The extensive experience of BAPSA in implementing MRM,MR-PAC and Family Planning training Programs in its own clinical set up and research work for national and international partners.

Objective of the assignment: The main objective of this assignment is to provide capacity building through training, skill updates and need base follow-up for Doctors, Nurses and FWVs following the completion of the training and assignment is to provide assistance in data collection and data management.

Specific Objectives : The Specific objective of this assignment is to conduct:

  • Log-sheet Orientation for record keeping
  • Collect research data through Client Exit Interviews (CEI study).
  • Orientation of service managers and providers on Log sheet
  • Collect filled- in log-book data from the providers
  • Collect progress report data of intervened sites
  • Trained up service providers on MRM
  • Training on Comprehensive Family Planning, MR and Post abortion Care Services for Service providers.
  • Training on Postpartum IUD for Service Providers (Doctors, Nurses and FWV).
  • Training on Implant for Doctors.
  • Training on Ligation/Tubectomy for Doctors.
  • Skill Update for service Providers from district Hospitals.
  • Provide onsite support to Service providers for providing quality FP, MR and PAC Services

Ongoing Programs:

  • Improving Access of Quality Family Planning (QFP) in Bangladesh.
  • Community Access Health System (CX-HS) Linkage Study2017 
  • Clients Exit Interview on FP, MR and PAC Services 2017
  • Social Behavior Change (SBC) Evaluation Survey Study 2017.